Sunday, June 14, 2015

Choosing a Character Name

One of the things authors/writers are faced with is choosing character names. Some people might think this is an easy process. The reality of the situation is, its not that not simple. A character name is as important as the character traits themselves. As you develop a character and their traits, their name plays a major role on how you proceed with the character development and even with the story line. Although it seems unimportant to most readers, some will say that character names were at the base of a good story line. A character name that doesn't suit a character can ultimately affect how the story itself progresses. Names that aren't suited for a character, can make them essentially invisible in a story. Their names need to encompass their character. Whether or not the character is good or bad also plays a major role in this process. I'm not an English major, nor can I boast about being an English literature major. I do however, love the written word. I know my strengths and weaknesses and use a professional editor to make certain my work is presentable prior to publishing. There are a million different little things that play an important role in preparing a book for publishing. Picking the right character names is one of those things. There are a few websites that can help you choose the right character name. Use them! Perhaps they could generate a much weaker or stronger name that you yourself could imagine.

Here's a site that I have found helpful!

Click the links below and see what character names come up!

Character Name Generator

or try this one!

Character Name Generator

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