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Review: Lisa Forest “The Atlanteans: Oracle” By Joshua McCaw

Review for Lisa Forest “The Atlanteans: Oracle”
 By: Joshua McCaw

Recently, I received the privilege of reviewing the debut novel of author Lisa Forest. The debut novel, which goes by the title “The Atlanteans: Oracle” is the first book in Lisa Forest’s “The Atlanteans” series.  “Oracle” is a novel that follows main characters Bridget, Abby, Cole, Sarah, and Damon. Bridget is a descendent of the Mnestrean Line, a bloodline that has been protected throughout the ages by several of the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece. You heard me correctly. Cole, also known as Eros, and Sarah, also known as Athena, are two of these Gods. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the novel takes a very unique approach to history, tying in both Greek Mythology with modern day in a way that I have never seen before.
When I cracked open this book for the first time, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I knew that the story was going to revolve around the question “what if the Gods of Ancient Greece were alive today, and living among us as humans?” but little else. The novel grips you from the very first chapter, providing you with a quick prelude of things to come. It holds your interest from cover to cover, leaving you with an ending so gripping you can’t help, but shake in excitement and wish to immediately read the next one in the series. Sorry folks, but Lisa says it may be a year or more after this one is published before the next one comes out.
The story is solid, leaving very few, if any, cracks in the foundation and the dialogue, though it can seem a little too lovey dovey for my taste at times, it is realistic and fitting for the characters. The character development is as solid as the storyline. Oracle provides a remarkable cast of characters, delving deep into the personalities of each character and giving the reader a deep emotional connection with the members of the cast. We even get to see into the mind of the infamous Hades, which in my opinion was the most interesting part. You’ll understand when you read it.
The prose in the novel is nearly perfect with the author knowing which scenes need tons of details and which only need a few lines. Because of this it was hard for me to believe that this was Lisa Forest’s first novel, as most debut novels can be hit or miss in this area.
Other than the captivating scenes with Hades, I’d have to say that my favorite scenes were the battle scenes. Though all the scenes were remarkable, the battle scenes were by far the most cinematic. While I was reading these scenes, I could see it play out like an action-packed motion picture. It really took my breath away and made it nearly impossible to put down.
In conclusion, I will say that Lisa Forest’s debut novel “Atlanteans: Oracle,” is overall an amazing book. The one-of-a-kind plot, the dynamic characters, and the magnificently cinematic scenes make this book into a magnetic, captivating, and emotional thrill ride that will keep readers on the edge of their seats line after line, scene after scene, and chapter after chapter and will leave them begging for more. Two thumbs way up from this reviewer. Highly recommended.

Thanks so much to Josh McCaw for taking the time to do this review...Hoping this last and final re-write gets us to the publishers!!

Lisa Forest

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