Thursday, August 1, 2013

Writer's Block You Say? Here's a Trick to stimulate your mind...

Jacob's story...I have written it exactly as he did, spelling, punctuation and all...and if I may, for just a minute, brag about him; Jacob at a very early age was a stutterer. He ended up having to take speech classes in school and, at times, even his teachers really gave him a hard time. Only 3 of his six teachers "got him" if you know what I mean. We've always said we thought he had an "old soul". He's so much wiser than a child his age should so many ways! Well, just last month we were told he didn't need speech classes anymore (thank goodness!) I think being in those classes toyed with his self esteem and abilities. Finally, at the end of the school year they did some testing and, lo' and behold, we got a call last week asking if they could test him for the AGP program (gifted program). We said "yes", of course, because we always thought the child was far too bright and that's what his problems were in school.( but they wouldn't listen to us)! So last week we got a call; telling us he's being moved into the "gifted" program, and he tested in the 97th percentile for the state! Now if those who I will leave nameless ever tell me again that my child is disruptive, and needs help I say this !! "

"He was friggin' bored you dumb-asses"
Sorry I got carried away there!

So here's Jacob's story.......Here's an old blog post I wanted to share. I gave the exercise to my 10 year old son, told him to choose a picture, showed him the words and let him pick out the ones he wanted, and said write whatever you want, and make it a short story. He's now 15 years old, and I wanted to reflect back to a time when he was that sweet little boy. So please indulge me! It's never too early to teach your children to write!

Bleeding Love
"Look out" everyone said. We all kept on running, they were Some were caught by the Griffins and were taken as hostages. Each gleaming shine of daylight forced us into the dark by the blizzard that was crushing our hope of living....and love. I could never find my true love, if I'm going to run I said to myself each day, but it never gave me the courage though. Each day I would go hunting for food and my true love, if I found food I would take a single lick and stuff it all in mouth. If I found love she'd be lying there......dead. One day when I was trying to find food again, I was in a deep and long alley. I heard laughter in a room. It sounded like a woman and a boy, I opened the door and there was my true love....standing there laughing with her son. "hello" I said. "Hello" she said back. "Can I sit down?" I asked. "Yes" she said back. And suddenly we kissed. "Ewwww" said the boy. "What's your name" I asked. "Calina" she said. "What's yours?"......"I don't know....I never had a name" I said. She looked surprised then she had a thinking face on. "How about hmmmm Zackary" "that's my name!" said the boy. "Zackary it is" I said. We gave each other another little kiss and then I knew this was my true love....
The End

Proof positive that we can all write if we set our minds to it. Getting writer's block? Try this little exercise as noted above ;-) Take 10 or 15 words that relate to your story and write from those!

Cheers, Lisa aka frenchkilt

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