Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dream a little dream....

Sometimes I wish I could listen to my own advice. I think it's human nature that we are our own worst critics. I quickly realized that as a new author I had so much to learn. I loved spelling as a kid but never really understood the importance of proper English. Having French as my first language, I think, put me at somewhat of a disadvantage in that respect. I have always played word games and loved the language. I had never really thought about writing until being urged by some fellow bloggers. I wrote a story that had weekly installments. It was just for fun, and the story was actually quite good. However, now when I read that story I cringe! My grammar was horrid! My sentence structure awful! And my use of punctuation left little to be desired. But, I knew in my heart that the story line itself was unique. Week after week until roughly 60K words, I told that story and my fellow bloggers loved it. Despite all the grammatical gibberish, and lack of sentence structure. They saw beyond the weaknesses and enjoyed the weekly surprises. It was at that moment I seriously considered writing a novel and having it published. Oracle is the first in The Atlantean Line Trilogy. The project itself took roughly 5 years. The editing that had to be done was outrageous! But, if not for my editor Gerald at IUniverse seeing past all the flaws, Oracle may have never been published. He saw the merit in the storyline. He saw the work and research that went into this book, but more importantly he saw the uniqueness of the story. To have someone in the industry tell you that your first novel meets not only the editor's choice award but also the Rising Star award was truly magic! Suddenly, 5 years didn't seem that bad. I know I still have plenty to learn, and I am up for the challenge! Upward and onward! Never give up on your dreams. Some day they may actually come true!

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