Friday, April 11, 2014

Country Club Secrets--New Erotica Published!

For quite a while now, I've had this story sitting in my documents on my laptop. I have gone back and forth on whether or not to have it published. Publishing erotica does not go without pros and cons. Pros of course are simple from a writers perspective. It allows a freedom from self-imposed constraints. Writing without the so-called rules alone in and of itself is freeing to the soul. And of course, there is the possibility of monetary gain. But most indie writers will tell you they don't really write for the money and fame. The chances are slim even in the internet era. Thinking about a twist in a storyline and then writing the story around it..well.. now that's magic!!!
Leigh Lexington was a member of the elite Country Clubs ladies. However, she never felt like she really fit in. But all that changed the day the Queen Bee Melissa shared a secret. Leigh was shocked, but delighted to discover that these women actually had more in common with her than she first thought. JD provided more than lawn services. Sex, lust and erotic passion consumes Leigh as she discovers her long dormant desires. But how long could she hide this from her husband Michael?

First review 5 stars!!!
While there are many titles on the market that spin erotic tales dealing with the stereotypical 'dejected housewife' plot device, Country Club Secrets offers something fresh and clever to the table that fans of the genre will enjoy. Leigh Lexington is a member of an upscale club for women that harbors more secrets than meets the eye. What starts out as a subtle and playful gathering soon morphs into a whirlwind escape of passion and intensity that comes with a few funny and shocking twists that sets this title apart from others in this avenue. The structure and pacing is well thought out and executed, with intense scenery all the way to an ending that readers will definitely enjoy. Hopefully there will be a sequel! 
Now that was shocking and humbling to see as a first review but well worth the wait!
Cheers, Lisa
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Country Club Secrets

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