Friday, November 11, 2011

Old story come to Life...

I decided to share a bit of the story that started my writing.  This is not, nor will it be a published book, but nonetheless it was my first attempt and I look back and smile when I think about these characters in my head.  Maybe one day I will bring them to life :)  Can you picture them?  What do you get from these characters?  I am most interested to hear any and all feedback!

     It was a warm and sunny day in Blogge'ville. The sun was shining brightly, and you could hear the sprinklers start up from the center of town, the birds chirped loudly as though they were trying to wake everyone.
     It was a typical day for Beaudeen. Her morning ritual was complete. She would make the bed, start a load of laundry and then breakfast. This of course, was followed by cleaning the kitchen,  deciding what to take out for dinner and preparing the coffee. It was a routine she was all too familiar with. And as she watched the clock she knew her guest would be arriving shortly.  So she had to be prepared. As she walked out to the front porch she was greeted with a loud boisterous voice.
"Well good morning, Beaudeen what's on today's agenda?" said Ms. Olivia Plumbward.
"Coffee and cinnamon rolls for this fine day, hope you’re hungry!" said Beaudeen.
"You know I always bring my appetite for your fresh baked goods.”
“Well I do declare this is going to be a beautiful day," stated Beaudeen. They both laughed and settled into their rocking chairs to watch the passer-by's.
     It was exactly 8:45 AM and you could set a watch to the daily events. Being the busy bodies that they were, they knew what to expect each morning.  As they made small talk about recipes, the morning in Blogge'ville began.
     At 8:52 AM you could expect JD to drive by and you knew it was him because of the rumble of his truck, off to his morning landscape job.
 Kate Carliall and Leigh Lexington would be jogging by at 8:53 waving and smiling, as they always did. At 8:54, Sheryl would drive past to open the store. And without fail, Crystal would come flying around the corner at 8:59 AM driving her blue Mercedes. And she was forever speeding. 
She was always trying to catch Sheryl opening the store late, but she never did. Sheryl was as dependable as they came and Crystal knew it, but hated this about her.  At 9:00 AM the town bell would chime, and you could faintly hear the school bell ringing in the distance. The day in Blogge'ville had begun.
     Beaudeen and Olivia had been friends for as long they as they could remember. Their morning ritual of coffee and baked goods was something they had done for the last 20+ years. They chatted as though they weren't aware of their surroundings but everyone knew better. They sat, and they gossiped.   It was expected of them. They would sit and chat until 9:45 AM when Beaudeen would say "Time to clean up, Judge Judy is coming on at 10:00 AM." She would gather the tray and cups, and leftover baked goods, and they would part ways until the following morning. 
     As Beaudeen gathered her tray full of tea cups and left over baked goods, a loud thunderous roar could be heard in the distance. Olivia stood and locked eyes with Beaudeen. They knew this was not a familiar sound, this was different. Beaudeen looked down at her tray as the China tea cups began to rattle up against one another. Something was different. This sound was not at all familiar. They both stood in silence wondering what it was. As they stood there, they curiously awaited to see what that sound was.   It became very apparent as the roar grew louder. A black softail Harley Davidson motorcycle pulled up in front of the Salon DuJour.
     As she turned off the ignition and lifted herself off her motorcycle, she felt as though she was being watched..... And she was. There she stood with her black leather chaps and leather jacket, and a pistol in the small of her back.
As she removed her helmet, her long red tresses fell perfectly into place, she was strikingly beautiful. Pam Tanna had arrived to Blogge'ville. She leaned against her bike, and pulled out a cigarette.....
“I guess Judge Judy is going to have to wait today," said Olivia. Beaudeen smiled and they both simultaneously sat back into their rocking chairs......

Cheers, Lisa 


squawmama said...

Hip Hip Horray... I am so happy for you Frenchie and excited about the book... You know I'll be there to buy it or any of your others. I love books on vamps, witched and the supernatural...
Donna aka Roxy LaRue

The Rushing Rabbit said...

OMG, I stop blogging a few years ago I used to be the Pumpkin Pink Cottage, I always wondered what you decided to do with this online book you started to write I was one of your characters, Kate Carliall I believe it was. I was just thinking about this book today so I decided to see if I could find your blog and I did thru another blog I used to follow to... I think you should publish it... Glad I found you again, take care, Lisa

Lisa (aka) French said...

Whoop! Trying to get the old gang back! How fun!!!

shiler said...

Love it! Grabs you right off the bat!

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