Monday, November 21, 2011

Hybrid you say??

When I first asked my (almost) agent, about the genre he felt my book would fit into, he replied it's a "hybrid".  I was like huh?  Seriously?  It's definitely not YA, it's not totally Sci-fi, Greek mythology or even erotic fiction.  It's  mix of those things.  The editor compared it to The Matrix and (slightly) to Twilight.  The reason for that is this; the story and ideas are completely new and fresh thus, The Matrix as it was revolutionary. And second, to a lesser degree Twilight, simply because it has a strong female lead that most women can relate to. Guys will be likely to enjoy the battle and war scenes.  I think this is a good thing. It will definitely captivate several readers.  All of which will be from different walks of life.  So as the editor put it, it's a twist between Bella from Twilight, and Sarah Connor from The Terminator.  So can you imagine what the character is like?  Talk about complete extremes!!!  Bella a teenage girl who is so quirky, but very mature for her age, and Sarah Connor who is a strong, capable, assertive woman.  Can you picture her? Can you picture my lead character?  She too has her own quirkiness, but  she is not quite as strong as Sarah Connor.  Although, she will develop that kind of strength throughout the book.  If you like Greek mythology, then this will completely pull you into the world of the unknown.  You will suddenly begin to understand not only the reason it is so important, but realize that this story line actually explains how it is possible for Greek myth to be alive today, in the way of shape shifters and vampires. It will drag you into the unknown and you will thirst for more.  This is the first novel of a trilogy and what lies ahead is truly unique! Of course the male lead is amazing, and how I picture him below. I hope you will all follow me through this journey!  Looking forward to a glorious ride!

Cheers, Lisa

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Michael J. McCann said...

Comparables are interesting, to say the least. To use a sports analogy, Lisa, amateur athletes entering the professional draft often have to endure the comparables routine. Their skill sets are compared to an existing professional athlete, a Pro Bowl football player or All-Star baseball player. They'll say he looks like a young so-and-so. Once these kids are able to establish themselves as successful professionals, they become comparables themselves. The new kid coming up all of a sudden looks like them when they were young.

We authors are in the same boat, aren't we? I wouldn't mind being compared to a Michael Connelly or Lee Child. Police procedural, or thriller? Bottom line: write as you see fit, publish, and some day you'll be a comparable!