Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Atlanteans Trilogy Book 1

The Atlanteans: Oracle by: Lisa Forest

Oracle is the debut novel in the unique Atlanteans trilogy which combines Greek mythology, vampirism, shape-shifting and aliens into a mind-bending alternative to Earth’s history. Bridget is part human and part…something else. She discovers that the stories she heard about Greek gods are actually very close to historical fact. She's now in the middle of a war that has been brewing for over 6,000 years and she’s slowly discovering that the power she holds within herself is the key to humanity’s last hope. Bridget experiences flashes of memories about the past – the blood soaked battles, passionate betrayals, and horrendous mutations inflicted on the human race. Her alien relatives prepare her for the evil she is about to face and together they bond like a new family. They are Eros, the god of love and Athena, the goddess of war, and they will fight by any means necessary to protect her existence. Killing vampires, sweating blood or shape-shifting into any form is not beyond their power – it is only the beginning.  

Cheers, Lisa

The book is in editing as we speak!!!

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Michelle Dobbins said...

Your book sound fabulous! Good luck with the edits. :)