Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review #2

Here is the second book review for The Atlantean Line Book #1 Oracle

Captivated and enthralled! These are the feelings that you’ll have while reading The Atlantean Line: Oracle by Lisa Forest. The novel captivates the audience immediately on the first page as Bridget the main character is once again in danger.  Forest magically combines and reveals the story through flash backs to ancient Greece from today’s everyday life. I am usually not a person who reads about Greek mythology or vampires, but was pleasantly surprised at how I did NOT want to put the book down! For years there have been legends of vampires and Greeks, but for the first time, Forest was able to give a clear explanation of how these “stories” could medically and logically be explained.

Bridget is one of the most interesting and strongest characters I’ve got to know in a long time. She is the female lead that Bella, from Twilight, could have been at the beginning of that series, of course without all the whining as Bridget is older. Through the entire first book she has her world twisted upside down and yet still stands firm and positive through every obstacle that comes her way.  I feel in a lot of ways, no matter what age you are you can relate to Bridget’s emotions and actions.

This book is filled with lust, action, war, love, and excitement! The story of the Atlanteans never leads you in the direction you think you are about to go. It keeps you guessing and on your toes with every turn of the page. All I can say is this is a must read book and hope that Forest finishes writing the trilogy quickly, so the audience can know what happens next!

Lauren Cardenas is a Public Relations Specialist. And Graduated from Jacksonville University with a B.A. in Communications concentrating in Public Relations and minored in marketing. 

(Her Sorority’s patron Greek god was Poseidon.) 

Thanks so much Lauren!  I am so excited to have shared this book finally!! Now with editing almost complete, and off to publishing, I will finally get to share it with everybody that has been so interested!! Can't wait!  Cheers, Lisa 
Next week a sneak peek into the book ;-)

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