Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sometimes, we forget that in order to move through obstacles in our own lives we need to forgive. Forgiveness for our own actions, is as important as it is to forgive others for theirs. I know that I am one of those people. I am hardest on myself when I make mistakes. Every now and then, I have to remind myself that in order to move forward, I must forgive. We are ALL human and we ALL make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes are really bad or stupid choices. Perhaps, those mistakes are simply not listening to our own gut. Have faith. It is not until we have made some of the biggest errors do we truly see what led to them. At times, others play an integral role in leading you astray. Don't forget to forgive yourself for that. As long as you learn, move forward and don't repeat the same errors over and over you'll be just fine. This too shall pass. The strongest of people know how to truly forgive and move forward. Only the lost, and weak are unable to forgive. On a rare occasion, forgiveness is not the ultimate option. Put that negativity away, in a wrapped little box. Free yourself from its constraints. Those who may not deserve your forgiveness, also don't deserve your time. Don't allow them to intrude on your thoughts. Past is past. The devil will appear in all shapes and sizes. Don't expect him/her to show up with horns and a red face. Chances are, they will show up as everything you thought you wanted. Be careful! This will most certainly be the most difficult of challenges you face. Luckily, with the right people in your corner, the devil will get his just reward. Karma is a wonderful thing. And, if you time things just right, you might just get lucky enough to get front row seats ;-)

Cheers, Lisa

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