Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not just an author...

The nice thing about having a creative side is using it! Not only do I write, but I also sew, refinish furniture, decorate and test my hand at all other levels of creativity. Nothing feels as gratifying than seeing a project to its completion. Remember, just try. I haven't had formal sewing classes, nor have I had any training other than what I have taught and learned myself. Don't be afraid to try. That's how you'll learn. Making mistakes is expected. But eventually, if you persist, you'll have a product you're happy with. And, in the end isn't that what really matters? Recently, I found out I am going to be a grandmother again. This time it's a girl :-) So that opened the door for a whole new bunch of things to try. I also decided to hand make my Christmas gifts for both my grandson and my soon-to-be granddaughter. I hope they love the final products I have created from my heart. Nothing can compare to things made from pure love and joy!

A new no-sew blanket for Aiden, and my first pillow case dress for Savannah ;-)



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