Saturday, February 16, 2013

7 Unimportant Things About Me!

1. I danced for 12 years ( no not as a pole dancer- lol) tap, ballet, jazz. I was one year away from my teaching certificate and quit...I still regret it to this day!

2. I prefer my steak cold straight out of the fridge! Cooked medium, but cold! Crazy huh?

3. A day without coffee or hot tea would mean death for me~~~that's almost all I ever drink even in 90 degree weather (It's a Canadian thing, God I miss Tim Horton's sigh) Oh and I miss the Timbits too! NOT the donut holes? huh

4. I have secretly dreamed of becoming a motivational speaker...(stupid huh?)

5. I hate people that are not on time it drives me crazy! Why set an appointment or a time to meet if you can't get there on time?

6. I cry a lot--- even at commercials....I'm a big wuss and wear my heart on my sleeve, although most people don't see that about me at first.......

7. I have always dreamed of becoming a published writer..finally might see this dream come true ;-)

Hugs to all!!
Lisa (aka) French ;-)


C.J. Sullivan said...

Amen to the not being on time thing! I am with you on that one. I also cry a lot, but I've heard it's cleansing for the soul. ;)

Michelle Dobbins said...

I don't think any dreams are stupid. Who know you might end up a motivational speaker or go back to dancing or both. :)

Misty Waters said...

Love! The steak thing...YES. I secretly only make steak for dinner w/ the plan of having leftovers in the fridge for a cold steak sandwich the next day. YUM.