Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Bucket List~~~~

My "Bucket List".....................................

1. Watching my children graduate, be successful, happy~ get married and have children ;-)
2. Write a book/novel and have it published ( almost there)!!!!
3. Travel to Greece, Scotland, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland.. all over the world really
4. Get a maid/housekeeping service to help me out
5. Make a drastic positive change in someones life by just by talking with them
6. Be able to financially give money to friend's that need it without them knowing I did it...
7. Fly to New York for a weekend  and catch a show..
8. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!!!!!
9. Be a motivational speaker
10. Fly my friend Janice and her family to see me!
11. Meet all of my blogging and twitter friends;)
12. Travel here in Jamaica with butler service (grins)
13. Transform my backyard into a tropical heaven, pool and hot tub included!
14. Have my family live closer....
15. Live to work------ not work to live!
16. Leave a legacy for my children to follow and be proud of...
17. Be a Big Brother contestant (he he he) and win!
18. Do an interior design for a  high end client
19. Go shopping when and where I wanted to without worrying about the price tags!
20. Take some cooking classes and enjoy cooking!
21. Take photography lessons
22. Have a cameo role in a movie
23. Own some property abroad in the Caribbean
24. Learn to speak Spanish fluently ( I would like to be able to say that I am trilingual!)
25. Learn to sew like my grandmother did! She was a master seamstress!
26. Die peacefully in my sleep at an old age

So here are just a few things....
HUGS Lisa;) xoxox


J.D. Mc Glacken said...

Hi Lisa,
This is a nice bucket list. However, on point 3, I don't see Ireland included. Maybe it was a typo ; ) I reckon you're gonna fulfill all these things and more. Enjoy.

J.D. Mc Glacken said...

LOL nice one Lisa - I'll hold you to that and see you there: ) Btw, Switzerland where I live now is also worth a visit. I'll show you around if ever you make it.

Jacqueline Czel said...

I hope you get to check off as many of these as possible Lisa (-: